Claudia Foster and Helen Farrell Counselling - Counselling offers a safe place to talk about your feelings
Want to find a way forward? A way to live a happier life? - Counselling provides you with a safe place to talk, in confidence, to a trained professional where you will not be judged

From time to time we all struggle to cope...
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or trapped
  • Support in times of crisis
  • Freedom from unwanted thoughts
  • Addiction
  • Finding self confidence
  • Coping with stress and

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We have developed a range of ideas to promote wellbeing in the workplace. is the most common reason in the uk for employee absence.
If you are stressed at work, or you are an employer concerned about your team,  us for further information.
The following stress test has been developed by the NHS; you can this on line now! Just on the link below:
For coping strategies